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60st TOPIK II Exam. 제60회 한국어능력시험 기출문제 토픽2. 韓国語能力試験

60st TOPIK II Exam. 제60회 한국어능력시험 기출문제 토픽2. 韓国語能力試験
How to get TOPIK3급 [토픽 3급 합격]
Book recommendation
Topik beginner:\u0026list=PL9VZBhSH3XmG61xEHd27eQ2kCHp5K4H4F
Topik intermediate:\u0026list=PL9VZBhSH3XmHypuf91PkJ4BDKAjlU_M4v\u0026index=2
Topik advanced:\u0026list=PL9VZBhSH3XmGS_O0GMGwhBnRHGTzPbWkL
My channel youtube:
Мам ты постоянно....\u0026list=PLTrlnrpspRt4NYdQkNic1UnGxGeZmX078 -International examination on Korean language
Attention all students who are learning the Korean language and want to get an international certificate!

Recently exam ownership Korean language global changes have occurred, both in structure and in content.
You could even say that everything has changed, what used to prepare foreigners on training courses for delivery
ekzmena what wrote the book with examples of tests, and all sites with examples of past exam questions have become useless.
Examination of the new standard will be carried out starting with 35 (thirty-fifth) of the account ekzmena, which will
be held in July. This means that if you take it in April 2014 (34th exam), then you do not have to worry about anything - there
is nothing changes. And the structure and the content remains the same for this exam.
Changes in levels of TOPIK: there were three levels in the old format - beginner, intermediate and high. In each level there
were two sublevels. Thus, the first and second "gypy" - starting level, the third and fourth - "average", and the fifth and
sixth - high. These six levels ( "gypov") also remained in the structure of the exam, but now the number of test levels dropped
to two, called TOPIK I (podurovni1-2) [한국어 능력 시험 Ⅰ (1 ~ 2 급)] and TOPIK II ( sublevels 3-6) [한국어 능력 시험 ⅱ
(3 ~ 6 급)]. That is, medium and high levels are now merged.
Changes in the sections TOPIK exam: As we know, in the old format was divided into four sections - "grammar and vocabulary",
"email", "listening" and "reading". In the current entry-level exam removed the first two sections of "grammar and vocabulary",
as a "letter" .Such way in the entry-level exam have only two sections - "reading" and "listening." And TOPIK II
(sub-levels 3-6), combined medium- and high-level examination and left three sections - "reading", "hearing" and "letter".
That is, according to many, ekzmen became easier - and it's fun.
Changes to the issues in time and estimates: there were thirty questions with sample data from several responses in the "grammar
and vocabulary" in the old format. Ten of the same issues in the "letter" and 4-6 questions with detailed written answers.
In the new format TOPIK I only 70 questions with answers, suggesting a choice of several responses Information: "Reading"
- 40 questions, "listening" - 30 questions. Evaluated he dvuhsotballnoy system and now takes 100 minutes to time. In the exam
TOPIK II is now 104 questions. "Reading" - 50 questions, "listening" - 50 questions. And the "letter" - 4 deployed written
response to questions. It is estimated at 300-point system, and takes time to 180 minutes.
Changes in calculating a passing score: used for the exam was enough to score a minimum number of 40 points in each of the
4 sections to pass sub-levels 1, 3 or 5. score 50 points to pass the sublevels of 2, 4 or 6. If an average score above 50 for
1, 3, 5 and 70 above for 2, 4 and 6 levels. This means that if you type in any of the sections of 39 points, it does not
overwhelm the entire test. This rule is not available. That is now to pass an examination you need to collect 70 percent of
the highest scores in all sections in total. So even after covering one of the sections, you still have a chance to pass the
exam well.

64th TOPIK II Exam Actual Test with test paper / Listening / 제64회 한국어능력시험 2 기출문제

제64회 토픽 2 기출문제를 듣기시험입니다. 실제 시험치는 환경 그대로를 구현하였습니다.

정답은 아래 영상에서 듣기 지문과 함께 확인하세요.

#토픽기출문제 #TOPIK #TOPIKActualTest #TOPIKListening #한국어능력시험 #한국어능력시험기출문제

--TOPIK 시험정보--
1. TOPIK 1 시험은 그 결과에 따라 레벨 1급, 2급을 취득합니다.
시험과목은 읽기와 듣기 2과목이 있습니다.

2. TOPIK 2 시험은 그 결과에 따라 레벨 3급, 4급, 5급, 6급을 취득합니다.
시험과목은 TOPIK I과 달리 쓰기가 추가되며, 읽기와 듣기 시험의 난이도가 높아집니다. 따라서, 읽기, 듣기, 쓰기 총 3과목으로 구성됩니다.

List of TOPIK 2 Actual Test Listening:
64th Listening with test paper:

64th Listening script:

60th Listening with test paper:

60th Listening script:

52nd Listening with test paper:

52nd Listening with answers checked:

47th Listening with test paper:

47th Listening with answers checked:

41st Listening audio only:

41st Listening with test paper:

41st Listening script:

37th Listening audio only:

37th Listening with test paper:

37th Listening script:

36th Listening audio only:

36th Listening with test paper:

36th Listening script:

35th Listening audio only:

35th Listening with test paper:

35th Listening script:

34th Listening advanced with test paper:

34th Listening intermediate script:

34th Listening intermediate with test paper:

34th Listening intermediate audio only:

60회 한국어능력시험 기출문제 풀이 쓰기 54번문제, 60th TOPIK2 WRITING 54.

60회 TOPIK 기출문제 쓰기 54번 풀이 영상입니다.

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