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This channel is designed to offer insight and background on the science, art and practice of making alcohol based products at home.
Jordan Victor : It will put more copreshen
INCONVENIENT TRUTH : I've heard that corn, sugar and yeast does NOT create any methanol ...only fruit can in tiny amounts, such as apples. Methanol can not be produced from any grain. Which makes sense , we eat grain , sugar and yeast all the time !! Our bodies would be a factory for methanol, acetone and nail polish remover if it were true !! Even a slice of cake or bread would kill us !!
The strange taste of head/four shots is compounds in the yeast that need to be removed, not methanol !!
Richard Harris : So glad I found this, your a top notch mentor. Thank you
Rob Thompson : "If you're tryin to save two ounces, you need to find another hobby." lmao
sseedell : Sorry buddy but this video is completely wrong. Methanol will burn clear blue, ethanol will always have a yellow tinge to it. You have it completely the wrong way round.

Methanol, the truth

This channel is designed to offer insight and background on the science, art and practice of making alcohol based products at home.
Das s : The first amount being 2 oz or what ever is BS. The size of the batch is not a set amount, big pots vs small pots. 5 gallons or 200 gallons.
The percentage of methanol is always the same % not the same amount!
2oz could be 50% of the methanol in the batch.
So to use a static amount that is not set to the appropriate volume is a great disservice.
Jeff Roderick : Thank YOU GEORGE
Christopher Karr : Finally, a good reason for youtube's 2x speed.
No joke.
Herb zom : The US government during prohibition sold "industrial alcohol" poisoned with methanol to known dealers of the then illegal alcohol ment for consumption. Those people who would then sell it as drinkable alcohol, tens of thousands of people got killed and many more hurt. It was a strategy of the government to scare people away from drinking alcohol, especialy not professionaly made because it could contain methanol. But if you ferment the right kind of sugars its chemicaly impossible to make methanol in toxic quantities. Its unfortunate that this myth still prevails.
Averis trig : 2 ounces per what amount

How Water/Methanol Injection Works & How It Makes Horsepower in Gas Engines

AEM Performance Electronics explains how Water/Methanol Injection works in gasoline engines, the benefits of Water/Methanol Injection and dispels some myths of using Water/Methanol. Water/Methanol works differently in diesel engines, so stay tuned for a video on how Water/Methanol Injection works in a diesel engine soon!
jesse diaz : Jay Leno added one of these to his vintage Mercedes Benz 600
Cars are easier to understand than people. : Is it possible to combine that with nitrous aswell? Or would that cause problems?
tubeyourself : I'm running propane already... if I can do this I can really turn it up!
Jc Nopal : Is meth and nitrous a good idea?
Jerry Bear : i wonder if peroxide/water/methanol would do something, peroxide H2O2... extra oxygen




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